Rocket Data

Rocket Data provides high performance time series data aggregation services for any and all of the different currencies, coins and assets that can be bought and sold on the decentralized public Stellar network.

The Rocket Data service provides several unique innovative features. The time series data can be aggregated to ANY arbitrary time period interval with a 1 second resolution (examples: 28 minutes 53 seconds, 47 hours 35 minutes 52 seconds and so on). The aggregation methods can also be arbitrarily chosen during configuration. Currently only Open, High, Low and Close (OHLC) aggregates are available, but many other different aggregation types to do more complex analysis of the asset price data are planned to be released later.

The time series data aggregation service offered by Rocket Data are usually only available at a much higher cost elsewhere by other providers. The design and architecture of Rocket Data is to provide both high speed and flexibility to the creation of time series data, these have been its goals from the very beginning of its creation. It offers features that are not available with other providers of similar services and it does this with high performance.

The planned capabilities of the Rocket Data service for the decentralized public Stellar network are as follows:

  • Configure both the desired buying and selling asset codes, asset issuers, etc.
  • Selectable time period of the aggregation to any period with a granularity of 1 second.
  • Aggregation methods of Open, High, Low, Close and Volume (OHLCV).
  • Aggregated data available in the following formats: CSV, JSON and as a JavaScript array ready to be directly consumed by the HighCharts library.
  • Can provide a name and description to the configuration.
  • Ability to search for configurations created previously.
  • Previously created configurations can be edited and modified or deleted at any time.
  • Per operation accounting.
  • Payments accepted through the Stellar network.

Several different data output types will be available. Specialized custom output data types can also be provided at request. For example a custom data output type will be made available that is to be directly consumed by the Highcharts JavaScript graph library.

As a demonstration all the time series graphs on this web site are being dynamically created with live aggregated data obtained from the Rocket Data service using from the decentralized public Stellar network.