lightweight low bandwidth graphs of coin and asset values that are available directly on the decentralized Stellar network.

The native image format of these graphs is SVG. These will scale well to many different screen sizes and resolutions. They are well suited for low bandwidth applications and only require about 5 KB (compressed) for a standalone graph that was rendered for a HD (1280 x 720) resolution display. The rendering of these graphs was designed for high speed and scalability.

The graphs can also be made available in many other image formats (PNG, JPG, PDF and etc). It will be possible to create graphs of any and all of the asset pairs available on the decentralized the Stellar network.

The rendered code for the SVG is fairly clean and toolable compared to the SVG created by some other graphics systems. The SVG graph on at the top of this page only requires about 5 KB in bandwidth after it has been compressed and sent to the web browser, this can be seen in developer tools under the network tab after loading the SVG graph. It is possible to deliver pages full of many different graphs in a fraction of a second.

These graphs can be created using any time period intervals (examples: 47 minutes 10 seconds, 36 hours 8 minutes 23 seconds and so on) thanks to the flexibility provided by the Rocket Data service. This is a powerful innovative feature not seen available from other services or trading platforms and makes it possible for the Graphite service to create graphs using any desired 1 second resolution time period interval. This allows creating unique custom views into the price history of an asset, coin, etc.

The SVG graphs such as that shown on the top this page could also be made interactive. By using some custom JavaScript code targeting the desired positions or objects within the SVG graph using the SVG DOM which is similar to using the HTML DOM for a web page.