Lumag Solutions information

Lumag provides time series data and lightweight low bandwidth graph solutions for the Stellar network.

These services provide solutions for the coin and asset transactions that occur directly on the Stellar network. Transactions on the Stellar network are possible without the need of having to register or deposit funds with an exchange.

The fast lightweight graphs of Graphite are only made possible by the high performance Rocket Data service which provides the time series data used to construct the graphs. The Rocket Data service is being made available as a separate service for developers who want to use the just the time series data it provides to create their own graphs or algorithmic trading bots.

As a "Proof of Concept" demonstration all the time series graphs on this web site are being dynamically created with Graphite using live aggregated time series data obtained from the Rocket Data service accessing the decentralized Stellar network.

Both the Graphite and Rocket Data services provide unique innovate features that sets them apart from services of this kind offered elsewhere.